Virtual Collaboration for Cultural Exchange


Improve English language in students enroled in programming of
mechanical manufacturing VET program and promote cultural exchange.


Students work in small groups, partnering with a school from abroad (Roskilde Tekniske Skole in, Denmark, in this case).

This collaboration is divided into two parts:
1. First, each school records and edits presentation videos of the students. The
students work in small groups and each one records and edits their video. In
order to send this video to another country, they upload it to Youtube and send
the link to the other school. In this video, the students explain who they are,
where they are from and why they chose this VET. The main goal is to make a
first contact between the students and pair the students of both schools in
homogeneous matches.
2. Second, since both schools hace similar VETs, the students colaborate on a
specific project, under the guidance of the teachers and help each other so that
the project works.

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Further information or interest to collaborate: Mrs. Leire Zalbide,