Build@Home, more accessible internationalisation at home

Connect with the world as a teacher or a student. Build@Home is your free toolbox. It helps you to build your own internationalisation program in five easy steps. Without traveling to other countries. And accessible for everyone. Let’s create this database with educational activities and teaching tools together. Welcome to your international community. Welcome to Build@Home.


set your compass


map your road


search an activity


perform an activity


secure your intentions

Welcome to be part of global education!

Build@Home offers a toolbox for borderless connecting and learning. In what way do you include internationalisation in your education? How do you and your students connect with other countries, cultures, languages and customs? Discover that you don’t necessarily have to go abroad. That you can also build internationalisation from and in your own environment: @home.

Internationalisation is not a purpose in itself, it is a resource to prepare students for Life Long Learning and working in an intercultural society and an international labour market.


Build@Home is a guideline to further accesible internationalisation. Let practical cards lead you step by step to a shared mindset and conscious goals. Then explore the digital database and search for matching internationalisation at home activities. At the end, look back on a great experience and give recommendations for the next one.

Build@Home suits all. So start at home, learn at home, build at home and start your world journey today!

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