Rights and workconditions

Make students aware of rights and workconditions in their own country as well as in other countries

Session description

(Instructions for the teachers or students, step by step description, time schedule, give as much information/details to do the activity as possible)

The studens must have access to the internet.

The students should find out some of the basic rights for working in the field of their education (i.e. hairdressing or landscaping). This should be done by contacting the unions of their own country.

Informations that colud be included could be:

Minimumwage, workhours, terms of education, maternity/paternity rights, basic health and safety, other relevant information

After finding the information for their own country the student should find a european country (perhaps one where many skilled workers in their field go to work or a neighbouring country) and find the name of the union in that country and all the same working conditions that they found for their own country.

Educational activity



With partner


International orientation towards profession

Pernille Skytte-Nielsen /Mads Christian Skytte-Nieslen


Other information

Facilities needed: Technical e.g. computers

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