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The main objective of this activity stems from the idea of teachers from different countries who have the need to work on common aspects and incorporate improvements to the current curriculum so that students’ learning is more effective and efficient, and so that they are better prepared for their incorporation into the labour market.

The computer science teaching staff detected the need to incorporate the cybersecurity competence into the computer science courses. To this end, a joint challenge is posed to work on technical and transversal competences that are currently of great value, such as: autonomy, involvement, teamwork, communication (in English).

Teams with members from different countries, cultures, spaces… have a common goal, which is to take a challenge forward. In short, what they will find in the real professional world once they have finished their training period at the school.

Session description:

The teachers developed a challenge for the students of the different schools to work on together. 

1.- Teachers from one school/country prepare the content of the challenge in their school.

2.- Teachers from one school/country travel to the other school/country to present the challenge to the students of the other school.

3.- The students work in the usual way (each team in their school/country).

4.- Students from one school/country are given the contact details of students from the other school/country so that they can contact the rest of the team from the other school/country and introduce themselves.

5.- Each team composed of members from both schools/countries share and pool the content they have developed and prepare together in the presentation.

6.- Each team presents the results in person/online to the teachers of both schools/countries.

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