Interwiev with a student

Orientation towards world society, well as orientation towards the profession.

Example session description (animal keepers)

1.Contact different Danish students who are studying in international ZOO’s
2.Make a ZOOM-meeting with all of them around the world
3.The students will tell about their stay, and their study for the Danish students back home.
4.The students in Denmark have the possibility to ask questions

The lesson has to contain students from different parts of the world, so that the Danish students get some idea of how many opportunities there are.
Evaluation The session can be used in all kind of educationel disciplines/directions.
I guess you could easily replace the animalkeeper with an electrician.

Educational activity



With partner


International orientation towards profession

Anna Spindler

around the worldinterview

Other information

Facilities needed: computers, cameras, microphones etc.

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