Intercultural Business Making


The activity is aimed at improving English language, IT skills, commercial skills, creativity and digital communication of students enrolled in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering VET programmes.

Description of the activity:

Technical students develop a technical product and show it to the Business students. Business students will have to calculate the costs of the product. Further questions could be solved by online meetings, so that the Business Administration students could make the plan for the commercial sale of the product.

The teachers evaluate the interactions among the students all the time. The technical part will be evaluated by technical teachers and the Sales plan by Business teachers. In September (next course) the best students/project will travel to the other country to plan the distribution of the product and defend the project to an audience. At the end, all the teachers should meet to assess the results of the session and detect possible improvements for next time.

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Contact person if you request further information or you are interested in joining or replicate such activity: Mrs. Maider Lizarralde,