Cultural cafe


Cultural cafe – community event by coming together (all school) serving coffee /
tea, international food dishes, multicultural music and activities planned by

Gather a group of students eager to organize a multicultural event in your school or in your
group. Choose the aspect to present the cultural view. This can be for example to show different
cultures of the students or make up different themes of any culture. Students can organize the
event by guidance. Promote the event in school e-channels, make posters etc. Choose the place
and time for the cultural event.

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Cultural cafe can be organized in any open place of the school. It can involve cultural music, posters, information, coffee & tea, cultural dishes or even small presentation of different cultures etc. Students can also prepare some cultural quiz with small awards or dance / music show during the event to draw attention to the wanted themes.

Duration can be something like 2 hours and during lunch break or so, so that everyone can visit the time more suitable for them. Teacher can bring their classrooms to visit and the event can also be hosted in English for example. You may also show different cultures in your school or classroom by choosing different aspects. For example « Cultures of Europe », « Theme dishes from different cultures », « Italian coffee etc ».

Cultural cafe is easy and fun way to draw attention and discussion to the themes of enjoying multi – cultural aspects at home ! Students can also learn team working, get new information about cultures, improve their language skills, learn team leading and marketing skills. This also brings people together and all school (including teachers) can come together and enjoy small moment together « off the record » by not so formal way so that everyone can get to know each other!

In Finland we have received very good feedback on these cafes and we do this monthly. School pays for the coffee and tea so that is the only expense here.